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In the past few technologies were restricted and oriented towards a single lane .For the past eight years we had done a lot of R&D on the side of tooling for hard materials,abrasives ,granites and marbles .

Certain training programmes  have been conducted & has been successfull especially in the field of manufacture of diamond tools on  theoretical & practical  aspects.

The programmes consists of metallurgical aspects in bonding and selection of diamond powders .

Training for manufacture of Tools and wheels for

  • Cutting and Grinding of Tungsten carbides
    [Electrocoated wheels, Metal bonded wheels , Resin bonded wheels]

  • Fibre glass cutting and forming
    [Cutting discs and Form wheels, Edging wheels]

  • Glass cutting and edging
    [Edging wheels, Drilling cones]

  • Cutting and Grinding of Ceramics and Abrasives.
    [Segmented wheels, Form wheels ]

  • Cutting , Grinding  and Polishing  of Granite and Marble
    [Segments for 2.5M to 0.100M, polishing metal bonded bits , Resin bonded bits, flexible polishing pads]

  • Wire saws for quarrying of granite and marble .

The training programme will have the following aspects :


  • Training  for  manufacture of diamond tools
  • Details of manufacturing , theoretical and practical training on  machines .
  • Design of jigs and fixtures for tooling moulds .
  • Theoretical study of metal powders and their metallurgical parameters .
  • Theoretical study of diamond powders and specific usage  .       
  • Calculation of Bond systems with respect to  Metallurigical  configurations .
  • Machine operation .
  • Manufacture of graphite moulds .
  • Setting of moulds for sintering .
  • Matrix filling
  • Sourcing of raw materials .
  • Implementation of tools .
  • Operation of the machine and settings .
  • RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT for segments to suit  very specific applications.
  • Special tools design study for intricate and special  cutting and grinding .

    Application forms for admission will be available 20 days before the entrance test.